Short & Snappy Happy Book Blog: Clark the Shark

Author: Bruce Hale

Illustrator: Guy Francis

Publisher: Harper Collins

Themes: Sharks, behavior, school

Age Range: 4-8

Word Count: 656

Teaching Tools:

Clark the Shark Activities

Why I Love It: Clark the Shark is short, snappy, and downright fun. Clark is a shark with a zing, bang, BOOM, but he has so much enthusiasm that it gets him into trouble. He plays a little too rough with his friends and munches on the other kids’ lunch. Love how Clark learns to stay cool with simple rhymes. When everything smelled so good at lunch and he wanted to eat and eat, he told himself: “Only munch your own lunch.” Great ending scene where Clark is shown playing with his little brother. Because sometimes, “a shark’s gotta do what a shark’s gotta do.”


Clark loved school, and he loved his teacher, Mrs. Inkydink.

He loved to play upsy-downsy and spinna-ma-jig with his friends…

Clark loved his life with all of his sharky heart.

But he loved everything way too much.

He was too loud.

He was too wild.

He was just too much shark for the other fish to handle.

From School Library Journal: “Clark loves everything about his life at Theodore Roosterfish Elementary, but his supersize enthusiasm is hard for the other fish to handle... The full-color artwork in a cartoon style is pleasant and fun.”

Author Tidbit: Bruce Hale writes picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, and novels. He is a popular speaker and is the author of one of my favorite chapter books, the Chet Gecko mystery series.

Illustrator Tidbit: Guy Francis has been drawing his whole life. He has always enjoyed building, fixing or creating things.

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