Cover Reveal for FLYING HIGH: The Story of Gymnastics Champion Simone Biles & Photo of the Month

Thrilled to reveal the cover of my 10th book for kids (ages 4-8)! FLYING HIGH: The Story of Gymnastics Champion Simone Biles is a poetic tribute to Simone Biles and her family. I have long admired Simone Biles for her hard work, talent, inviting personality, and incredible spirit. I was especially drawn to her story because of her strong, supportive family - and the family's role in her success.

Grateful for illustrator Ebony Glenn, literary agent Rosemary Stimola, and the Holt/Macmillan team. So excited to bring the story of the greatest gymnast in the world to young readers everywhere. Available for preorder now and coming May 19, 2020.

I recently led a class in writing non-fiction picture books through the Rehoboth Beach Writers' Guild (photo below). I believe that when choosing subjects for a picture book biography, it's important for a writer to feel passionately about the subject. Simone's story truly touches my heart, and I am excited about sharing it in accessible language children can understand and enjoy.

Photo of the Month

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